Hey babes. There’s only so much to talk about these days. With all the Trump movement, and sexism, and all that. The least us girls can do is support each other instead of tearing us down. Women have always been known for being jealous creatures, wanting everything to ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we should all empower ourselves and help us all to succeed, there’s enough room for all of us to succeed. Continue reading “GIRLS UNITE”


Hi babes, i hadn’t posted in so long. Even I felt like I missed my blog. But i just sort of went on a little vacation. so today’s post is about a visit I gave to a small town. So cute too even write about. that’s why I decided to include a poem instead. It’s by Oscar Wilde; hope you guys like it and I promise i won’t get lost this often anymore haha. Continue reading “FLOWER OF LOVE”

LGD (little gold dress)

Hi babes! Having a blog can be kind of hard sometimes because you don’t always know what to write. Other times you want to talk about a topic you already have talked about but then you think: “I don’t want to be too repetitive.” So it’s hard to find inspiration all the time. Especially if you’re not in the mood to talk about what you’re actually going through.

When in doubt… WRITE! I find that writing about what you’re feeling when you don’t really feel like telling people about it, makes you feel so much better. It’s not good to save your feelings, because then we tend to explode. Continue reading “LGD (little gold dress)”


Hi Plums! So one of my best friend’s and I decided to act like tourists for the day. We did so many things, that photos wouldn’t have even fit in this post, so I just selected my favorites for you to see.

We literally woke up at 7:00am that day and slept at 3:00am. Crazy huh? Almost 24 hours AWAKE! We walked for more than 6 hours throughout the day, and we even ended up dancing at the middle of the night. Honestly I don’t know how we did it; no wonder I was so exhausted the next day haha. Continue reading “LIKE TOURISTS”


Hi babes, long time no see huh? Hahaha. So I wanted to start with a quote I discovered on The Idealist on Facebook: “I fall in love with souls, not faces.” A quote that I feel we should all consider more. People are so drown to material stuff, the physique, people with eating disorders, others that lack of self-esteem because of how they “look” or “act” which society tells you is wrong, and so many more things that are actually ruining people’s souls. Continue reading “I FALL IN LOVE WITH SOULS, NOT WITH FACES”