Hey babes. There’s only so much to talk about these days. With all the Trump movement, and sexism, and all that. The least us girls can do is support each other instead of tearing us down. Women have always been known for being jealous creatures, wanting everything to ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we should all empower ourselves and help us all to succeed, there’s enough room for all of us to succeed.I used to be this way, I thought that if I wanted to succeed it had to be only me, but I was wrong. In order for us to grow, we have to help others grow too.

That’s why when i saw this shirt I had to get it, to remind me that everyone can win in this world and be happy. just always remember that our outside is a reflection of how we feel on the inside. Helping others is only a way of showing how comfortable and selfless we feel.

I invite you all to spread love and kindness throughout the world in these hard times that the world is experiencing throughout. Spread a little happiness by putting a smile on people’s faces and proving that there is still good in people’s hearts.

Xx, Manena.

Top: H&M

Sunglasses: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Boots: Agaci

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