Hi babes, long time no see huh? Hahaha. So I wanted to start with a quote I discovered on The Idealist on Facebook: “I fall in love with souls, not faces.” A quote that I feel we should all consider more. People are so drown to material stuff, the physique, people with eating disorders, others that lack of self-esteem because of how they “look” or “act” which society tells you is wrong, and so many more things that are actually ruining people’s souls.

Remember when we were all little kids and we would get so excited for achieving things? Never giving up until we got what we were fighting for, when we liked each other so much and other people too, that we were actually friends with everybody. When did all of that change? When did we stop loving ourselves and basing our friendships or relationships on what they have or how they look?

What I’m about to write might sound cliche, but when are we gonna stop this? Do something for ourselves? For others? The world is hard as it is for us to make it harder for others. The least we can do is smile and be nice to people, because in the end, how you treat others is only truly a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Hard to hear huh? Also true. So let’s all put start making a change with each other, let’s love ourselves a little harder, be a little nicer, not care so much about what we see, but how we feel. I would like to close this post by a quote I don’t remember so well, but I heard it in a TED talk. The conference talker said a little something like this: “let’s start praising each other by how we think, how intelligent we are, instead of how we look.” And I absolutely agree: brains > beauty. I’m not saying that you can’t look pretty or that you can’t wear makeup/do things to feel better with how you look…but, it’s all about substance. What’s a pretty face with no brain? Just a pretty face; but a pretty brain can change the world.

Let’s all change the world together, one step at a time.

Xx, Manena.


Dress: Guess

Blazer: H&M

Shoes: Everlast


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