LGD (little gold dress)

Hi babes! Having a blog can be kind of hard sometimes because you don’t always know what to write. Other times you want to talk about a topic you already have talked about but then you think: “I don’t want to be too repetitive.” So it’s hard to find inspiration all the time. Especially if you’re not in the mood to talk about what you’re actually going through.

When in doubt… WRITE! I find that writing about what you’re feeling when you don’t really feel like telling people about it, makes you feel so much better. It’s not good to save your feelings, because then we tend to explode.Has it ever happened to you? You don’t cry because you want to seem stronger; you don’t act like a goof, because you want to seem cooler; you don’t tell people about your problems, because you think they won’t care. But we are wrong to think this! We are strong because we cry (I’ve always believed crying is for the strong, and not doing it is for the weak). We can be cool because we are not afraid of being goofy.  And we can talk about our problems because someone will care, we just have to know who is worth knowing about how we truly feel.

Every single human being out there is so valuable. It’s just sad when people don’t know how worthy they are. They just think that what others think about us has much more value than what WE think of ourselves. But you know what guys, no one has the power to makes us feel something we don’t want to. Just US! We have the power to decide how a simple comment or action can affect us. So let’s make a vow to love ourselves a little bit more every day.

Don’t give your precious time to someone who isn’t worthy of you. And by time I don’t mean only one-on-one time, but also your thoughts. Don’t dedicate time to something or someone that doesn’t deserve it. Focus your energy on the good and positive, on making yourself a better person than you were yesterday.

Love yourself in order to love others.

Xx, Manena.

Sunglasses: H&M

Dress: M.Manau (by me :D)

Jacket: Calvin Klein

Boots: Zara

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