Hi Plums! So one of my best friend’s and I decided to act like tourists for the day. We did so many things, that photos wouldn’t have even fit in this post, so I just selected my favorites for you to see.

We literally woke up at 7:00am that day and slept at 3:00am. Crazy huh? Almost 24 hours AWAKE! We walked for more than 6 hours throughout the day, and we even ended up dancing at the middle of the night. Honestly I don’t know how we did it; no wonder I was so exhausted the next day haha.

So here goes our itinerary:

7:00am We woke up.

10:00am We went to have some chai lattes. Mine was a Rose Chai Latte and hers was a Violet Chai Latte. So good! Thanks to Kadus Bistro for gifting us some goodies while we were there.

12:00pm We started getting ready for the big day that was ahead of us.

1:30pm Tour Bus around the most picturesque parts of the city.

3:00pm We had to eat something more, we were starving.

4:00pm We had some roll ice cream and then we went to shop for a bit.

5:00pm What is a touring day without cocktails? So we headed to one of my favorite bars and we had a Rose Mojito with a shot of mezcal. Believe me, it’s not as rough as it sounds haha.

7:00pm We went back to the hotel. We were exhausted but then a friend called us to go out so…

9:30pm Dinner at this amazing sushi place, which not only serves heavenly food, but also has a super pretty restaurant.

12:30am Clubbing of course!

1:30am We went back to the bar we had gone in the afternoon. I ordered a yummy Sangria.

2:00am We went to another bar, because why not?

3:00am Back at the hotel with our pjs on. We couldn’t take it anymore, after such a hectic day we had to rest a bit.

Because the next day we went to a museum. And the day before our full-of-activities-day, we cooked ourselves an Italian dinner and drank some Rose. Because you know what they say #RoséAllDay. I couldn’t agree more.

So cheers to more days like this one, because there’s nothing funner than a day full of activities and sight seeing.

Have you ever done anything similar? How was your day like?

Can’t wait to hear all about it. Xx,


Dress: Pull & Bear

Sunglasses: H&M

Purse: Zara

Espadrilles: H&M

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