Hi Plums. I am so happy to tell you all about my most recent trip. I went for a few days to Guadalajara and then we were off to Sayulita. Honestly, I had no idea this place existed but OH MY GOSH! I fell completely in love. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to be, so relaxing, colorful, and simply beautiful. It seemed like as if it were from a movie. The place was glorious. All I did was eat and drink margaritas. I even had one that was a whole liter. 1L of blue marg? Where do I sign up?

Of course not everything was about the food and the drinks, but also about the gorgeous sceneries. So Sayulita has the public beach and then it has a few other tiny beaches hidden throughout town.

I feel that as a Mexican, I sometimes thrive to go to other countries without really visiting the beauties of my own. This trip definitely made me appreciate my culture so much more. I am so proud of being a Mexican and of living in such a beautiful country, full of warm-hearted and soulful people, that just welcome everyone and never let that smile leave their faces. Just seeing how welcoming everyone was with foreigners made me really appreciate the culture I belong to.

So I would love to recommend everyone to come and visit. You won’t regret the beautiful sceneries and the amazing partying. 😉

Xx, Manena.

Sunglasses: Aeropostale

Gray Bikini: Billabong

Black Bikini: OPI

Shorts: Roxy

Bandana: Steve madden


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