Hi babes! So I love taking pictures everywhere I go. From the beach to the street to the woods. But I am particularly happy with the result of these photos; I had already uploaded a preview a long time ago.

These were taken by my good friend Israel Esparza, a recognized Mexican fashion photographer who takes pictures for Vogue MX, Glamour Mx & LATAM, GQ Mx, among a few others.

The story of how we met is quite funny, he was snapping photos of me on fashion week and then he introduced himself. We became instant friends and we became each other’s fashion week partner. So eventually he offered for me to pose behind his lens. The experience was surreal because I did many things as a model, that I hadn’t done before. I was 100% exposed to nature, I laid down on some wet, slimy branches, with literally could’ve broken any second haha. I WAS TERRIFIED! But it was all worth it, and the result came out pretty well.

I can’t wait for a crazy new photoshoot with Isra and to see what the future awaits. Hope you guys liked the photos and I can’t wait to read your comments.

Xx, Manena.

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