Wonder what it’s like to get a new position in the F1 opened up for you? Well Mario Renzi can tell us all about it and his journey to become the official Formula photographer. Discover his journey on how he started out as an architecture photographer, moving to a totally different environment such as the F3, and eventually reaching the F1. Up close and personal stories regarding the drivers are shared during this episode, you cannot miss this one!

– Manena (A Girl Taks F1)


Se han preguntado qué se siente que una posición nueva se abra para tí en la F1? Pues Mario Renzi puede contarnos sobre su travesía para convertirse en el fotógrafo oficial de la Fórmula 1. Descubre su historia sobre cómo empezó como fotógrafo de arquitectura y cambiándose a un ambiente completamente diferente como la F3, hasta que llegó a la F1. nos cuenta historias personales con los pilotos y mucho más. Este es un episodio que no se pueden perder!

– Manena (A Girl Taks F1)

“I would like for Daniel Ricciardo to win. He’s a great guy. I have italian blood in me so seeing the boys from Scuderia [Ferrari] Charles and Carlos, he’s also a nice guy. Hearing the italian national anthem is very emotional for me.”

Mary Aldersley: What is one of your most inspirational moments in the F1? 
Mario: Having reached the F1. I wake up everyday with passion and loving what I do.

Some of Mario Renzi’s work for the F1.

Click on the image to watch the full interview on Youtube.


A Girl Talks F1

Mario Renzi

To listen to the podcast, go to our Spotify: A Girl Talks F1 to listen to the interview with Mario Renzi.

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