CHARLES LECLERC’S PODIUMS in less than a minute…

Despite having a dramatic weekend in Monaco in which Charles Leclerc had to abandon POLE, he is very successful. Watch Charles Leclerc’s Podiums in less than a minute…

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This monegasque has proven to us he is not just a pretty face. He is brain and talent altogether. While being 4 years in the F1 and 3 with Ferrari, Charles Leclerc has gotten 12 podiums so far (without counting those to come in 2021 ;)) 2019 was HIS year having gotten most of his podiums so far. Learning about the many circuits he’s achieved to end with a champagne shower has got us feeling all sorts of emotions and showing us has versatile he is when it comes to driving. Don’t skip a beat and follow us through the race. All of that and more, in less than a minute 😉

Don’t miss a video and welcome back to A Girl Talks F1.

Xx, – Manena

Click on the photo to watch the full video.

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