CHECO PEREZ’S F1 TEAMS in les than a minute…

CHECO PEREZ’S TEAMS IN F1 in less than a minute..

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Sergio Perez alias Checo Perez as his friends (and Mexicans) like to call him (that’s his nickname btw, Sergio = Checo) started his career in F1 since 2011. It’s been 10 years since he started. but if you think about it, he hasn’t been in those many teams. 5 to be precise, do you know which ones they are? One of them is pretty famous and is currently involved in the Formula 1 as something else other than a driver, another one was the last Japanese since Yuki Tsunoda.

Learn about Sergio’s journey in our favorite motorsport category… all that an a bit more, in less than a minute 😉

Don’t miss a video and welcome back to A Girl Talks F1.

Xx, – Manena

Click on the photo to watch the full video.

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