I bet you didn’t know Ferrari had a fashion show did you? Well worry no more because we have here our Ferrari Spring 2022 Fashion Show Review featuring by buddy from DK Media.

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Because F1 is not just about cars and motorsport, it is sometimes about fashion too. That awaited moment in which Vettel said that Charles Leclerc couldn’t have his own fashion brand in Drive to Survive (awkward moment I know). Well now it all makes so much sense. And Drayton and I are here to tell you how we feel about this line. I have to admit, there are a lot of hits, but a few misses too. How would you grade this season’s show? Mention it down in the comments, I would love to know what you think.

Don’t miss a video of this series and welcome back to A Girl Talks F1.

Xx, – Manena

Click on the photo to watch the full video.

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Intro video: @lamey_lame

Photo Credits:;;; ferrari youtube.

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