Aston Martin started racing in Formula 1 since 1950 but they didn’t always stick. Find out about Aston Martin’s Evolution in F1 on A Girl Talks F1.

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Aston Martin hasn’t been a single race team like Mercedes or Ferrari, but it did join one of the big Formula 1 teams for a while. Click on the video to find out who it was. With it’s British green color and that sexy livery, it’s impossible this British team wasn’t set to make a comeback a la ‘James Bond’. With legendary driver Sebastian Vettel and Canadian Lance Stroll in their team, no wonder this team set headlines. How much are they going to achieve this season’s racing? They’ve both ended on the point zone quite a few races, but what was Aston Martin before these two? Find out NOW. Don’t miss a video of this series and welcome back to A Girl Talks F1.

Xx, – Manena

Click on the photo to watch the full video.

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