Mexican F1 Drivers of all Time

Being I proud Mexican, it had taken me a while to present to you one of the most special videos for me: Mexican F1 Drivers of all Time I got a request on Instagram to talk about Hector Rebaque, because before Checo Perez, there was a few other drivers in time. At first, I didn’tContinue reading “Mexican F1 Drivers of all Time”

Barcelona GP F1 2021

For those of you who didn’t watch the Barcelona GP, I present to you the Barcelona GP Results… in less than a minute. *To know more about F1, don’t forget I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! But that’s not all, the Formula 1 was full of news this week all the way from RomainContinue reading “Barcelona GP F1 2021”


Some of the Formula 1 drivers are actually legacies and their fathers also formed a part of this elite motorsports category. Following up are the famous pairings, do you already know who they are? Mention it down in the comments below. PS You can also find the video on my Youtube channel, simply click onContinue reading “F1 DRIVERS AND THEIR DADS”