F1 Rookie Predictions – Which team will they go to NEXT?

Let’s get real! We all know about the F1 drivers, but what about the rookies? Watch my video to know about my F1 Rookie Predictions in which I share a bit of their achievements. *To know more about F1, don’t forget I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! The real question is though, which teamContinue reading “F1 Rookie Predictions – Which team will they go to NEXT?”


LET’S TALK FORMULA 1 BUT BETTER, LET’S PLAY F1 DRINKING GAMES. A Girl Talks F1 x La Zona DRS. Which F1 driver would you kiss? Do you know as much about the Formula 1 as you think you do? We each ask each other a pair of questions testing our knowledge, whoever doesn’t get itContinue reading “DRINKING GAMES: F1 EDITION”