Life is all about dressing fierceful. An outfit can change your whole day, if you don’t believe me, try it yourself! There’s been days when i’ve felt sort of gloomy and sad, then I got to my closet, pick out a killer outfit, put some makeup on and I feel like a completely different person.Continue reading “LBD”

Ere Perez STUDIO

Hi babes, I wonder. How do you feel when you do exercise and eat healthy? Great, right? Me too. Skincare has always been one of my favorite subjects and I want my skin to feel the same way that’s why I try to use makeup as organic and skin friendly as possible. I’m not goingContinue reading “Ere Perez STUDIO”

Never Look Back

They often tell us to never look back on our lives but we have to do this in order to move forward… Hi babes, how have you all been? I’ve been having so many projects coming and going, so I’m ecstatic! Today I am going to be writing one of those inspirational posts on whichContinue reading “Never Look Back”


Hello Plums! how have you all been so far? I want to start this post with a few pointers: 1. The fact that my hair looks red. EPIC! 2. This photoshoot gives me total “Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume” vibes. 3. It also gives a lot of indie movie vibes. Just sayin’. With all that said,Continue reading “ONE WITH NATURE”

Euronovias para E Bodas

Ever dreamt about your wedding day? To be honest I haven’t hahaha. What a positive way to start my post right? HA. I have to admit though that trying on wedding dresses (even though it was for a photoshoot) had me feeling all sorts of ways, I kind of even wanted to cry a littleContinue reading “Euronovias para E Bodas”

Unicorn Magic Dust

Hello hello my lovely Plums! Man am I going crazy with this whole “creating different kind of content” vibe aren’t I? Hahaha I am willing to upload normal content too at a given point but right now I just have too many crazy ideas still left in me. I don’t really have much to writeContinue reading “Unicorn Magic Dust”

“The eyes never lie…”

“The eyes chico, they never lie.” This is probably one of the most famous quotes in the world from the movie Scarface. But there’s a reason for it… because it’s true. Hi babes. Like I said on my previous post, I’m trying to do different things with my blog. Not the typical cliché photoshoot (whichContinue reading ““The eyes never lie…””

The beauty of the imperfect

I’ve had my blog for a while now and I love collaborating with other brands, but it’s always the same. Either a beauty or fashion post with makeup and/or clothes. But this time I wanted to try something different, so I decided to collaborate with an artist. My body was literally her canvas soContinue reading “The beauty of the imperfect”

Museo Maya Roller Coaster Ride

What’s up everybody?… I feel like I should find new ways of greeting you all over the typical “Hi babes” hahaha which I absolutely also use. What do you guys think? Anyway, back to fashion for a bit. This shoot started a little late because just when we were setting up the camera, it beganContinue reading “Museo Maya Roller Coaster Ride”