Hi Plums. Hope you are all doing well these days 🙂 Today I want to talk about a topic in which we’ve all been there, and we’ve all done that: Blog Topics for when You Lack Inspiration. If I know somebody that goes through this, I’d dare to say I’m the first one to findContinue reading “BLOG TOPICS FOR WHEN YOU LACK INSPIRATION”

Outfit of the Day 11.09.2020

Top: Garage Jeans: H&M Belt: Gerona MX Jacket: To be Defined (it’s from my stepdad and I don’t know the brand haha) Jacket: Jacket: To be Defined (it’s from my stepdad)

What Topics to Write About on Your Blog

You might think that knowing what to write about on your page is tough but there’s a few questions you must ask yourself regarding your main subject: What do people want to learn about? What is something I can share with the world that hasn’t been discussed yet? What can I share with others? HowContinue reading “What Topics to Write About on Your Blog”