Hi Plums, here with a super helpful post so that you can know which questions to ask yourself before posting on your blog. According to Marina de Giovanni. before posting any photo or blog post, any content at all for that matter, ask yourself the following questions: Do you consider this post killer (or atContinue reading “QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE POSTING ON YOUR BLOG”

I started my own brand: M.Manau

Guys, not much to say but I HAVE STARTED MY OWN BRAND!! I am so happy about this, have been working on this project for a while now and it has finally come to life!! It’s basically a satin cloth that you can wear multi-ways. It is based in Mexico but i ship all aroundContinue reading “I started my own brand: M.Manau”

Outfit of the Day 11.09.2020

Top: Garage Jeans: H&M Belt: Gerona MX Jacket: To be Defined (it’s from my stepdad and I don’t know the brand haha) Jacket: Jacket: To be Defined (it’s from my stepdad)