Hi Plums. I hope you are all doing well. As some of you may have noticed, I am still into the whole fashion and makeup game, but I have shifted my focus a bit (or a lot haha) to motorsports, one subject in particular: the Formula 1. The reason why I decided to do thisContinue reading “SHIFTING YOUR FOCUS”


Hi Plums, here with a super helpful post so that you can know which questions to ask yourself before posting on your blog. According to Marina de Giovanni. before posting any photo or blog post, any content at all for that matter, ask yourself the following questions: Do you consider this post killer (or atContinue reading “QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE POSTING ON YOUR BLOG”

Self Care during Quarantine

Hi babes, I’m back for my monthly post talking about something a little bit different like mental health during quarantine which I will be uploading a youtube video too. I’ll add it here once it’s filmed. I know I’ve been getting a little bit out of topic in the last two or three posts butContinue reading “Self Care during Quarantine”

How to Update Your Blog During the Pandemic

Hi babes. I hope you are all staying safe during this pandemic. Go out as least as possible and when you do wear a face mask. Sanitize and wash your hands constantly, and don’t forget to do the same with the products you buy. But most of all, be in contact with yourself and savorContinue reading “How to Update Your Blog During the Pandemic”