FRANCE GP RESULTS 2021+ Max Verstappen achieves first TRIPLE GRAND SLAM

We have to admit the France GP 2021 was probably not the most exciting until those last 5 laps, that made up for the whole race. The way Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton and how Checo Perez overtook Valtteri Bottas. I thought it was going to be impossible but the Red Bull boys did itContinue reading “FRANCE GP RESULTS 2021+ Max Verstappen achieves first TRIPLE GRAND SLAM”

Barcelona GP F1 2021

For those of you who didn’t watch the Barcelona GP, I present to you the Barcelona GP Results… in less than a minute. *To know more about F1, don’t forget I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! But that’s not all, the Formula 1 was full of news this week all the way from RomainContinue reading “Barcelona GP F1 2021”


Wonder what it’s like to get a new position in the F1 opened up for you? Well Mario Renzi can tell us all about it and his journey to become the official Formula photographer. Discover his journey on how he started out as an architecture photographer, moving to a totally different environment such as theContinue reading “A GIRL TALKS F1 x MARIO RENZI (Interview)”

Portimao GP Review F1

Once again we’re here at it, the girls from Osservatore Sportivo and I talking about this weeks race: Portimao GP Review. We have a new team member, meet Giulia. We talk a bit about the race, as well as play a fun trivia. Come play with us and let us know what you think aboutContinue reading “Portimao GP Review F1”