F1 Drivers’ Girlfriends and Wives 2021

F1 DRIVERS’ GIRLFRIENDS AND WIVES – Who’s Married? Who’s Not? And Who Can Be YOURS?… or mine!! *To know more about F1, don’t forget I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Ever wondered if Daniel Ricciardo is still dating his high school sweetheart? What about Lando Norris, who is the lucky woman to his heart?Continue reading “F1 Drivers’ Girlfriends and Wives 2021”


Hi babes. Hope you’re all doing well! Due to the whole pandemic, I’ve been very much into the soulful topics rather than talk about how to create a blog. There’s only so much you can do other than take pictures at home haha. I’ll be covering a few more topics on how to keep upContinue reading “STAGES OF A BREAKUP, COVID-19 STYLE”