Ever wondered the correct pronunciation of Formula 1 Drivers’ Names? I finally have it here for you in less than a minute… or so 😉 *To know more about F1, don’t forget I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Is it Richardo? Rickiardo? Ricardo? Who knows? The Italian way to pronounce it is… you’ll haveContinue reading “F1 DRIVERS’ NAMES’ PRONUNCIATIONS”

Outfit of the Day 07.08.2021 ‘Put Your Eye on the Prize.’

Whatever you do, never quite. You may change the plan, you may change the goal. But NEVER quit. It’s not only about the destination, it is also about the journey. Sometimes we are so close to reaching our dreams, than when we are one step to it, we decide to quit. Always remember why youContinue reading “Outfit of the Day 07.08.2021 ‘Put Your Eye on the Prize.’”


I bet you didn’t know Ferrari had a fashion show did you? Well worry no more because we have here our Ferrari Spring 2022 Fashion Show Review featuring by buddy from DK Media. *To know more about F1, don’t forget I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Because F1 is not just about cars andContinue reading “FERRARI SPRING 2022 FASHION SHOW”


Hi Plums. I hope you are all doing well. As some of you may have noticed, I am still into the whole fashion and makeup game, but I have shifted my focus a bit (or a lot haha) to motorsports, one subject in particular: the Formula 1. The reason why I decided to do thisContinue reading “SHIFTING YOUR FOCUS”

Mexican F1 Drivers of all Time

Being I proud Mexican, it had taken me a while to present to you one of the most special videos for me: Mexican F1 Drivers of all Time I got a request on Instagram to talk about Hector Rebaque, because before Checo Perez, there was a few other drivers in time. At first, I didn’tContinue reading “Mexican F1 Drivers of all Time”